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Explore exciting career opportunities at Alpine! 

Alpine is redefining the loud world with superior earplugs and earmuffs. Join our diverse team of passionate innovators and embark on a career that resonates with purpose. Together, we can 'own the volume', protect the invaluable gift of hearing, and make a tangible difference. Dive into a fulfilling career journey with Alpine and help us shape a healthier future of hearing for everyone.

CRM LeadUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Customer Journey SpecialistUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Customer Support ChampionUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Marketplace ManagerUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Office & Community ManagerUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Product Marketing ManagerUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Social Advertising SpecialistUtrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Werkstudent bij Alpine!Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Own the volume 

Alpine is the international market leader in premium hearing protection. We offer a wide range of products for festival-goers, motorcyclists, light sleepers, swimmers, travellers, and even babies. 

Our mission is to help safely enjoy music and other sounds. To achieve this, we have a strong presence at festivals, events, renowned retail stores, drugstores, pharmacies, online marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol, as well as audiology chains worldwide. Each day presents new and exciting opportunities as we experience rapid growth. 

How we hire


After your application, we’ll reach out to you for an initial introduction. Our recruiter will be delighted to assist you, address any inquiries you may have, and conduct a set of questions to learn more about you. 

Show Us Your Skills

We highly value your abilities and are curious to see what you have accomplished. Showcase your past work and highlight the skills you possess. In some cases, an assessment may be included. Additionally, a reference check is part of our process. 


Yes, interview time!  

Online or at the office, get to know us in person! Normally, you will have two rounds of interviews with different stakeholders

Job Offer

If all the conversations have gone well, we are happy to make you an offer! We will provide you with a competitive contract that aligns with your experience and the position. 

Open application 

Can’t find the right job? 

Even if you haven't found a specific vacancy that suits your skills and interests, we still encourage you to apply and share your qualifications with us for future opportunities.